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Soe Smooth Laser Hair Removal and Skin Care is a rare combination of the best machines, certified staff and affordable prices conveniently located near you, in the heart the North Phoenix, Norterra area. 

Happy clients and thousands of treatments performed, Anna can find a unique personalized approach to each client and their different skin concerns.

The Best Laser Hair Removal facility in North Phoenix! 


how does it work?

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The Soprano ICE laser offers virtually painless Super Hair Removal thanks to an innovative cooling system, with cooling pumps surrounding the sapphire diode laser. The system work by gradually heating the dermis (skin) to the temperature required to damage the hair follicle and prevent regrowth. The hair follicle is damaged by targeting the pigmentation (melanin), which absorbs the light of the laser. This gradual heating is achieved by a high frequency of short pulses, whilst the ICE technology cools the skin on contact, preventing minor burns, for less painful hair removal (1, 2).

what does it treat?

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The Soprano ICE laser hair removal system offers almost pain free treatment due to its revolutionary cooling system. It utilises Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology for smoother results and for minimal discomfort. It can be used on all skin types (including tanned skin, which is a first for laser hair removal), on any body part, all year round, for safe, permanent removal for anyone, at any time. 

How long does it last 

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Following the recommended treatment regime, the hair reduction should be permanent, and clinical studies have shown a high level of client satisfaction (3). However, lighter hair is harder to treat as there is less melanin in the hair follicles, so you may need to return for a top up session after 1 or 2 years.

Hormonal changes (including pregnancy and menopause), and ageing could have an effect on the future possibility of regrowth of hair in areas previously treated. 100% permanent hair removal can never be guaranteed with laser hair removal.


"I've tried laser hair removal on my upper lip a few times over the years. I decided last year to finally move on to my under arms and bikini line. I was nervous to try a larger area but after such great results with the smaller areas, I decided to take the plunge. I had a treatment on my legs 4 weeks ago and haven't shaved since!! I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Don't wait any longer! You won't regret it!"

- J. Dulai

- M Yerramilli

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