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                       My Story

    I am Anna Soe, owner and operator of Soe Smooth Laser Hair Removal. We are proud to serve the North Phoenix area with quality and professional laser hair reduction services. 

     Having personally struggled with hair issues most of my 20's. I know what it feels like to not be content with the way you look and feel. I have had some sort of hair removal done since the late 90's. We're talking shaving, waxing, treading, electrolysis and laser. I know of the pain you can experience through these procedures. Then having to go back the following few weeks to do it all over again. Laser hair removal was by far the best and cheapest way to achieve the confidence I was looking for. 

     I want you to look forward to coming into Soe Smooth. Where we offer PAINLESS hair reduction in a safe, clean environment that will help you feel relaxed and calm during and after your procedure.  

You have a lash person, you have a hair person..

let me be your laser person.

Call 623-293-3872 for a free consultation.

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